Mysta of the Moon

Real Name

Ana Thane

First Appearance

Planet Comics #35 (1945)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Joe Doolin


In the near future, Mars, God of War, has succeeded in destroying all of Earth's universities in an attempt to inflict a new dark age on humanity. However, Dr. Kort has preserved the world's knowledge and culture. To ensure that it would outlast him, he took two children, Mysta and Nors, to his moon laboratory and educated them using a hypno-transmitter. Unfortunately, Mars possessed Nors, killing Dr. Kort and trying to kill Mysta as well. She saw through the ruse, however, and killed Nors in order to free him from Mars' control and banish the villain from the corporeal plane.

With Mars defeated, Mysta and her mentally controlled robot fought new foes from their moon citadel. Her first order of business was to defeat the Super-Brain, who took advantage of Earth's weakened defenses to conquer the planet. She then set up the Safety Council, an organization formed to try to reverse Mars-inflicted damage and restore knowledge to Earth. Mysta advised the Safety Council and enforced it's laws if necessary. She used a scanno lens to see trouble anywhere, and later gets a cloak of invisibility. Eventually, she relocated to Earth, taking a civilian identity as Ana Thane, technician for the Safety Council under a handsome boss, Dirk Garro.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #35-62

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