Nang Tu

Real Name

Nang Tu

First Appearance

National Comics #13 (July 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lance Blackwood (possibly Fred Guardineer and/or Dan Zolnerowich)


Nang Tu was a sorceress and high priestess who guarded "The All Seeing Eye," a fist-sized diamond on the forehead of the giant Khotan Buddah statue, located in the hidden "Temple of the Man-Eating Spider," somewhere in the Himalayas, a few days climb from Kathmandu. Nang Tu was killed in combat with Merlin when he came looking for the "Diamond Eye."

Powers and Abilities

The extent of Nang Tu's power is unclear but, she was immune to Merlin's magical spells, and Merlin was forced to call upon the strength of ten men in order to subdue her in combat. She had razor sharp claws and fangs, and carried a double-pointed metal spear. She commanded a team of female archer warriors and may have also controlled the giant spider, Agor.

Public Domain Appearances

  • National Comics #13