Nature Boy
Nature Boy.jpg

Real Name

David Crandall

First Appearance

Nature Boy #3 (March 1956)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel and John Buscema


David Crandall was the son of a wealthy family who, when lost at sea, was saved from drowning by the gods who rule each of the elements. They each gifted him with their powers - from Neptune, water; from Gusto, winds; from Fura, fire; from Eartha, earth; from Allura, love; from Azura, the skies; from Electra, electricity; and from Friga, ice. David is later returned to his parents, where he becomes Nature Boy, using his powers to fight crime. A Nature Man who may or may not be a future version of Nature Boy appeared in issue #3. There is also a Nature Girl who appeared in a one-page story in Nature Boy #5.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Nature Boy #3-5

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