Real Name


First Appearance

Black Hood #19 (1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Irv Novick


Needlenoodle was a racketeer who wanted to take over Northville's operations, but knew that the Black Hood would stop him. So he decided to find out his secret identity to remove the obstacle of Black Hood. Needlenoodle figures out that Kip Burland was always around where Black Hood was so it meant he was either Black Hood himself or knew the Hood's identity. So, he kidnaps both Kip and his friend Mac and threatens to kill Mac unless Kip talks. So, Burland reveals his identity but then fights off Needlenoodle and his gang. The villain escapes but soon made himself known.

Black Hood ends up quitting masked crime fighting and becomes a private eye. Needlenoodle went to Burland's office and pretends to have turned over a new leaf and wants to take Burland to a new client. However, it was all a set up to frame Black Hood for murder. Hood escaped only to find his secretary Barbara Sutton was kidnapped by Neddlenoodle. The two fight with Needlenoodle trying to escape by boarding a train. Black Hood follows him and they fight on top of the cars. However, Needlenoodle fell and was crushed by the train before the engineer could stop it.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Black Hood #19