Neon the Unknown
433px-Neon the Unknown

Real Name

Tom Corbet

First Appearance

Hit Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger

Golden Age Origin

Tom Corbet was a member of the French Foreign Legion who was ordered by his cruel lieutenant to cross the unforgiving desert. After that, his troop was to attack the savage Mbangi tribe. One tough journey later, Corbet is the only survivor of the trip, the rest having died of thirst and heat. He's about to suffer the same fate as his comrades when he finds a strange pool covered with glowing vapours. He drinks from the pool and instantly gains powers and a costume. He uses his powers to kill an attacking tiger and stop a would-be world dictator, then goes on to fight crime and the Nazis. He has "neonic" powers which include glowing, being able to fly, and shooting bolts of energy from his hands.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Hit Comics #1-17


  • Also, only the original Neon the Unknown from the Golden Age is in the public domain, not any subsequent versions from DC comics.

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