Real Name

Neptina of Almoza

First Appearance

Champion Comics #2 (1939)

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Golden Age Origin

Neptina was the queen of Almoza, an underwater kingdom inhabited by the fish-men, who were at war with the surface world. She was opposed by Lieutenant Brad Fletcher, "the Navy's best undersea expert" whom she was attracted to, and was jealous of the attention he payed to her prisoner Norma Kane. Neptina was going to harvest lungs and vocal chords from the girl because, while she possessed telepathy, Neptina could not breathe outside of water or speak. However, Lt. Fletcher was rescued by the Maella, a band of female outlaws led by Mhersa, who helped him fight Neptina. The wicked Queen of the Sea could not stop them from escaping with Norma before she could complete her plans.

She was later overthrown by her sister Mhera and fled with her right-hand fishman Mogg. When Mhera proved to be an even worse ruler than Neptina, Lt. Fletcher and Co. decided to restore Neptina to the throne. While Neptina was initially jealous of Fletcher's girlfriend, Norma, she eventually fell in love with Prince Eon, who was also overthrown in his own underwater kingdom, Polaris. Neptina and her new allies defeated sister Mhera and her allies King Walro and his Walrus Men restoring both the Prince and Neptina to their respective thrones.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Champion Comics #2-17

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