Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Eve Eden

First Appearance

Captain Atom #82 (Sept. 1966)

Original Publisher


Created by

Steve Ditko & Joe Gill


As a child, Eve Eden’s mother, Magda, revealed to her and her brother, Larry, that she was a princess from the Land of the Nightshades. Magda was forced to flee from her dimension and come to Earth to escape the evil Incubus. She then showed her children how to cross dimensions through shadows, an ability they both inherited from her. While in the Land of the Nightshade they were attacked by the Incubus’ flying warriors and Magda was mortally stabbed. Larry was kidnapped, but Eve managed to change into shadow-form and transport Magda and herself back to Earth. Before Magda died, Eve promised her mother that she would return someday to rescue Larry.

Since her father, Senator Warren Eden, didn't know her mother's true nature, Eve was forced to lie about their disappearance. He grew distant with Eve, and withdrew from her. Partially to spite her father, she dropped out of school and moved to Washington, D. C. There, Eve began her self-imposed training by studying martial arts, becoming especially skilled in karate. Tiger, former partner of Judomaster, trained Eve in the martial arts.

Once all grown up, Eve hid her training from her father and became the C.I.A. operative: Nightshade. She hid her new alter-ego from him, as well. She often found teamed-up with Captain Atom. Her ultimate goal was to reach a level of training where she can return to the Land of the Nightshades and rescue her brother, though this never happened. Senator Eden began to think of his daughter as a shallow jet-setter without a care in the world.

Public Domain Appearances

Captain Atom #82, 85-89


  • Nightshade briefly appears in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.
  • Nightshade was one the characters DC considered for an animated JLA series that never entered production.

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