The Nihilist
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Open Source Characters Facebook Page (November 21, 2015)

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Dustin Smith


When a research team unlocked the secret to multiverse travel they explored many strange new worlds.

One world, designated NS-482, was a barren, ash-covered planet. Researchers concluded that life had once existed there but, due to some cataclysmic event, all life on the planet ceased.

Researchers found a single skull and, despite being ordered to leave it there, the search party returned with it.

Some members of the scientific institute became emotional and pessimistic; seemingly happy, healthy individuals began having violent outbursts and reported feeling exhausted.

Researchers soon discovered the skull they had returned with appeared to be radiating strange energy readings. The next day, members of the research party were found seemingly having hanged themselves within the lab, and the Skull was missing.


The Nihilist is an extremely powerful psychic vampire, it's only physical remains are its skull. The swirling cloud of psychic energy builds as the Nihilist feeds on living minds.

It's motives are simple:

  • 1. consume all of the psychic energy of a world
  • 2. turn the population into it's subjects
  • 3. destroy all life
  • 4. Lie dormant until discovered by a new species.

Because of its vast psychic powers, the Nihilist can turn entire populations against one another, causing riots and acts of violence that appear to have no logical reason.


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