The Nine Tiny Piglets

Real Name


First Appearance

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908)

Original Publisher

Reilly & Britton

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Baum gives two different accounts for the piglets origin:

  • 1: The Piglets are small and white, and are no bigger than mice. They are from the Island of Teenty-Weent where everything is small. The Wizard acquired them from a sailor in Los Angeles in exchange for nine tickets to the circus.
  • 2:However, Professor and Mrs. Swine, the parents of the nine piglets, met the Tin Woodman and told him that they had given their nine children to the Wizard of Oz so he would care for educate them.

In either case, the fact they ended up with the Wizard is undoubted.

Princess Ozma was so enamoured with the Tiny Piglets that the Wizard gave her one as a pet.

A few days after Dorothy Gale, Zeb Hugson, Jim the Cab-Horse, and Eureka the Kitten arrived in Oz, one of the Nine Tiny Piglets went missing. Since Eureka had frequently asked permission to eat one of them, she became the prime suspect and was put on trial. The accusations were proven false however, when Eureka revealed the location of the lost piglet, safe and sound.

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