Nurse Shark

Real Name


First Appearance

Creative Commons Super Tumblr Page (March 8, 2012)

Created by

Sarah "Neila" Elkins


Nurse Shark is a bad guy! Half shark, half nurse, ALL WOMAN! Why’s she evil? You decide! Was she born this way or made in some horrible experiment gone array? Sure! What’s her ethnicity? Uh, SHARK! or whatever you want it to be!


According to Nurse Shark's creator:

"Nurse Shark is free to anyone to use. You can draw her, write about her, modify her... anything you want. Just don’t claim you made her or try to Copyright or Trademark her, I’m releasing her under the Creative Commons. I’d like it, if you were to use her, to let people know she’s Open Source so other people can do the same!"

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