Public Domain Super Heroes
Le Nyctalope

Real Name

Léo Sainte-Clair

First Appearance

Le Mystère des XV [The Mystery Of The XV] (1911)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jean de La Hire


One of the first costumed and super-powered heroes in the world, Nyctalope had night vision, irises that shift colors and an artificial heart. He founded the international organization known as C.I.D. (Committee of Information and Defense).

Supporting Cast

Jean de Saint-Clair: Léo's father, who served in the French navy as ensign under Lt. Louis de Ciserat. He aided Severac in defeating Oxus.

Marquis Gno Mitang: A Japanese Ambassador who aided The Nyctalope in his crusade.

Vitto and Soca: The Nyctalope's Corsican bodyguards.


Nyctalope battled Fulbert, the Mad Monk, Oxus, the mad scientist, The 15 (XV), a crime organization, Lucifer (Baron Glo von Warteck), a megalomaniac with hypnotic powers, and hostile martians.

PD Appearances

  • Le Mystère des XV [The Mystery Of The XV (1911) (translated into English by Brian Stableford as The Nyctalope on Mars)
  • Lucifer (1921–22) (translated into English by Brian Stableford as Nyctalope vs Lucifer)

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