Public Domain Super Heroes
Old King Brady, The Sleuth Hound

Real Name

James Brady

First Appearance

New York Detective Library (November 14, 1885)

Original Publisher

Created by

Francis Worcester Doughty


Old King Brady was an experienced American detective who began as a police investigator in New York. He solves his cases with a lot of legwork, instead of superhuman intellect. He does, however, have good intuition. He is only a mediocre shot with a gun, he cannot swim, his attempts at disguise are pretty much useless and he gets nervous when he's cornered. Still his persistence and experience bring success in every case he takes, and he is respected as one of the greatest detectives in the country. He is a tall, lean man with large, unattractive features. He is of Irish descent and Roman Catholic faith. He wears plain, ill-fitting and sometimes old fashioned clothes. He is described thus:

He had a tall, gaunt figure, clad in dark trousers, a long blue frock coat, a standing collar, and an old-fashioned stock. A wide-brimmed white felt hat covered his closely cut white hair, and a pair of shaggy eyebrows shaded his deep, piercing eyes.

While he lives in New York, his cases take him all over the country and sometimes around the world. James and his partner, Harry, have such a reputation that when the President of the United States learned there was a plot against his life, the President asked for the Bradys by name. The Bradys succeeded in foiling the assassination attempt in a very direct manner.

Supporting Cast

Young King Brady (Harry Brady): About 10 years after Old King Brady got into the business, he formed the Brady Detective Bureau with Harry, his former student. The Bureau reports directly to the Secret Service. Harry is not related to James.

Alice Montgomery: A former operative of the Australian Secret Service, she now works for the Brady Detective Bureau. She is blonde and attractive. Her father, a missionary in China, taught her to speak Chinese. When the Bradys met her, she was suffering from amnesia, but she proved to be a very competent crime fighter.


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