Old Man of the Pyramids
(Flash Lightning-Origin)2

Real Name


First Appearance

Sure-Fire Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Ace Periodicals

Created by

Jim Mooney & Bob Turner


The ancient Egyptian mystic called the Old Man of the Pyramids possessed knowledge of "the arts and sciences of the past and present" as well as "The Amulet of Annihilation, the weapon of the forces of right!" He took on the American Robert Morgan as his student (how they met is unknown, possibly he raised Morgan after his parents died) and bestowed the Amulet on him, giving him the superhero identity of Lash Lightning. The Old Man of the Pyramids initially guided Lash Lightning to where there was evil to be fought, but seemed to disappear from his life after his first few adventures.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Sure-Fire Comics vol. 1 #1-3
Old man of pyramids

Lash Lightning receives The Amulet Of Annihilation


  • He is unquestionably based on the old man of the pyramids from Black Pullet, an 18th century grimoire about an old turkish occultist living in a pyramid who adopted a wounded foreigner as his son and taught him the secrets of making magic amulets.
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