Public Domain Super Heroes
Olga Mesmer

Real Name

Olga Mesmer

First Appearance

Spicy Mystery Stories (August, 1937)

Original Publisher

Culture Publications

Created by

Unknown (possibly Andolphe Burreaux)


Olga Mesmer is the daughter of the queen of a underground kingdom. When Queen Margot was driven out of her kingdom by a coup d'etat, she retreated to the surface and came to the home of Doctor Hugo Mesmer, a scientist from Earth. Margot married Dr. Mesmer, but her husband experimented on her using soluble x-rays. This experimentation nearly killed Margot but left her with x-ray vision. She accidentally killed Dr. Mesmer when she discovered her new power. Widowed, Margot gave birth to their daughter, Olga Mesmer, before she returned to her underground kingdom.

Olga grew to possess powers of her own. She inherited both the x-ray vision of her mother and supernatural strength. As a young woman, Olga rebuffed the advances of her guardian who had grown lustful for her. Soon after that, she happened across the attempted murder of a young man named Rodney Prescott and easily saved him by killing his attacker. As a result of transfused blood from Olga to Rodney, he gained some of her abilities.

Together, Olga and Rodney traveled to the underground kingdom. During an adventure to destroy the rebels and restored Margot to her throne, Olga drank a secret potion of the kingdom which gave her immortality in addition to the powers she already possessed. After that, the three of them traveled to Venus together where a marriage between Margot and the Venusian king was expected to bring peace between Venus and Earth.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Spicy Mystery Stories (August 1937-October 1938)


  • According to comics historian, Will Murray, Olga is the first American superheroine (via pulp magazines, with the Magician from Mars being the first in comics).
  • No original artwork still exists in which the character is not wearing torn clothing.

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