Omma the Master Brigand

Real Name


First Appearance

Planet Comics #56 (Sep. 1948)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

John Douglas


"Omma the spoiler" or "Omma the omnipotent, king of space outlaws" was an infamous space raider sometime in the late 21st century targeting space liners and employed a network of agents learning the space route schedule of such transports.

After her escape from Cymradia, Futura had unwillingly switched places with Yrina the Pirate Queen and to face the interplanetary court when one of her fellow prisoners slipped her a pellet to swallow at her trial. During Futura's questioning the court palace was raided with destructo-rays and powerful gas weapons and the unconscious Earth girl was brought aboard Omma's ship, the raiders intending to make her reveal her secrets or ransom her to her compatriots. When her identity became known she was sold as a slave at auction on an outlaw planetoid, a haven for criminals where the real Yrina made herself known to Omma.

Omma was a clever space raider, believed to have countless agents who had sworn him loyalty and to never desert his subjects. He most likely spoke the Trans-Cosmos language and had considerable skill at operating futuristic ships, guiding Yrina in sabotaging a ship's controls by a simple lever within reach. He had a business arrangement with the "fishermen" on the small planetoid Oceania where, during a struggle with Futura, Yrina accidentally shot Omma, sending their ship hurtling into the sea. It is unclear if Omma survived this experience.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #56-59
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