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Real Name


First Appearance

Tumblr (Sept. 2014)

Created by

Thomas F. Johnson


At a show one night, world-renowned young stage-magician and avowed skeptic Quentin Quigley decided to perform an ancient ritual given to him by an old South American wise man for the audience, just to prove it was bunk.

Imagine his surprise then, when it actually summoned Oooky-Spooky, Mage-Spirit of the Q-Circle, Friend of the Late(?) Harry Houdini and All-Around Rabble-Rouser.

Now she drags him along on whacky adventures; whether it be to settle old bygones, find ancient secrets/artifacts/places of magic or just for the hell of it, alll while trying to teach him the secrets of real magic.


  • That is a guillotine-claw and coffin-body with beetle-y wings, for those wondering due to my sub-par art skills.
  • On releasing the character, the creator had this to say: "I consider her open source, and anybody can use her in their work for free on the condition that they reprint this paragraph written by me; Thomas F. Johnson; who could really use the exposure and is also kind of a self-promoting attention whore."

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