Public Domain Super Heroes
The Great Oom

Real Name


First Appearance

Prize Comics #11 (June, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jon Smalle


The Great Oom was a powerful sorceror who came from a dictator nation in Europe and after he was believed to be dead, came to the United States.

Oom possessed magical powers rivaling those of his ancient enemy, Voodini. He could summon Plaenobirds, giant vulture-like creatures, who would attack or transoprt himself and members of his gang, as he commanded. Oom also possessed the Crystal of Comaes which increased his powers and allowed him to hide his presence from other sorcerors. He could also sense a person's presence, freeze people in their tracks, turn people into animals, summon "burning smoke," and see distant events. He was never captured.

Golden Age Comics Appearances

  • Prize Comics #11