Oran of the Jungle

Real Name


First Appearance

Fight Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Ed Ashe and Hugh Bartlett


Oran of the Jungle was lost in the African jungles as a child. He grew up strong, but that strength attracted attention from the wrong people including unscrupulous boxing promoters and slavers.

He traveled to America both to fight as a boxer and also to find his parents. He reunited with his father, and then traveled back to the jungle and became a boxing Tarzan. Eventually he gave up on boxing and his jungles were moved from Africa to South America.

Enemies of Oran included the Amazons, Black Crow, and Zarita, leader of the Cult of the Black Sword.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fight Comics #1-15


  • Some Oran of the Jungle's adventures were used as edited re-prints for Zaan of the Jungle stories published in Captain Flight Comics.

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