The Outworlder

Real Name

Michael Degner

First Appearance

"The Outworlder" webcomic (1998)

Original Publisher

Created by

Michael Dean


Michael Degner is a high school student from Des Moines, Iowa. One night, Michael was selected to receive unique powers from the spirit of an alien warrior who died in a massacre on his home world, but was brought to earth centuries ago by a mysterious orb of sentient energy. With this power, he helped to defend Earth from the same alien forces which had attacked the planet of the spirit within him.

When he's not saving the world, Mike enjoys country music and professional wrestling.

Powers and Abilities

Mike is inhabited by the spirit of an alien. He has the ability to talk to this spirit directly, in order to benefit from its alien knowledge. The orb which brought the spirit to Earth also granted Mike the power of flight, and mastery over a unique form of energy which Outworlder can channel into wide concussive blasts or narrow piercing beams.


The Outworlder is an "Open-Source Character" and may be used by anyone. The only rule about using him is that your work must have this notation:

"The character of The Outworlder is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving The Outworlder, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

While his adventures, as well as his various artistic interpretations, are under copyright to their respective creators, the character and idea are free for anyone and everyone to use.

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