Owen Kosterman

Real Name

Owen Kosterman

First Appearance

Amazing Mystery Funnies vol. 2 #12 (Dec. 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Basil Wolverton


Nick Nelson of the Space Patrol and his Martian co-pilot, Kodi, track a notorious space criminal to Venus. They observe a spaceship in the Venusian clouds, Kodi identifies it as belonging to Owen Kosterman, the criminal they're tracking.

Nick orders Kodi to shoot down Kosterman's ship. They investigate where the ship landed, Nick thinking Kosterman may have survived the wreck. The ship crashed into a jungle. Nick lands the Space Patrol ship in a clearing. Nick and Kodi alight from their craft wearing spacesuits to protect them from the poisonous volcanic gasses on Venus.

They find Kosterman's ship, which the outlaw has abandoned. Kosterman gets the drop on Nick and forces the Space Patrol officer to drop his gun. Nick warns Kosterman to look out behind him, as a Spider Man is sneaking up. Kosterman thinks it's a trick until the Spider Man attacks him. Kosterman's gun goes off, but misses Nick Nelson.

Nick is grabbed by another Spider Man. The creature carries off Patrolman Nelson to his cave, planning to cannibalize Nick. A beam shoots from Kodi's gun and kills the Spider Man. Nelson thanks Kodi, who says he heard a sound nearby.

They go to investigate, discovering the Spider Man that capture Kosterman. Kodi shoots the creature, saving Kosterman's life. Kosterman says he won't be taken by the Space Patrol and snatches Kodi's gun. Patrolman Nick Nelson punches Owen Kosterman, sending him stumbling over the cliff to fall into a river below. Kosterman is surrounded by the river monsters living there. Kodi supposes they won't get Kosterman after all. Nick says it may be just as well, as Kosterman would be poor company for a long space voyage.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Mystery Funnies #2-20
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