Ozmar, The Mystic

Real Name

Count Ozmar of Rivânia

First Appearance

Ozmar the Mystic (Novel, 1896)

Original Publisher

Created by

Emeric Hulme-Beaman


Ozmar, was one of the “Initiates of the Higher Grades of Buddhism." There are only three other men in the world who have obtained his level of mastery over the mystic arts. Once a medical doctor and a Count of Rivânia, Ozmar found himself wandering the deserts of North Africa (where he became fluent in Arabic), and eventually, penniless in Gibraltar. He was helped out by the father of Sir Frederick Roy, and the two became good friends.

His abilities are vast and include: mesmerism, telepathy, astral projection, teleportation, spirit summoning (via intercession of "Asra of the Sixth Cycle,") and "sympathetic prevision" (precognition), among other powers.

The author describes him thus: "The lofty breadth of forehead, calm and unwrinkled, surmounting a face of singular dignity and power; the eyes set wide apart and of an almond shape, dark and lustrous beneath their half-closed lids, lending an air of contemplative repose to the general expression,--yet, on occasion, lighting up with a flash that showed the fire of the soul within; the nose, broad and aquiline, indicating strength of purpose; the firm mouth hidden beneath the dark mustache, the crisp and well-trimmed beard cut to a point; the shapely head, covered with wavy brown hair, poised firmly on the shoulders—all these went to make up an effect at once pleasing to the eye and impressive to the imagination of the beholder. Yet it was not these, or any one of these, that arrested the immediate attention of the most casual observer. It was the air of command that seemed inalienably associated with Ozmar’s presence."