Pat Patriot
America's Joan of Arc

Real Name

Patricia Patrios

First Appearance

Daredevil Comics #2 (1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Charles Biro, Bob Wood, and Reed Crandall

Pat Patriot.jpg


Patricia Patrios worked on an assembly line, but after another worker collapsed from exhaustion and Pat complained, she was fired for insufficient dedication. That evening, she participated in a amateur theater production dressed as a female Uncle Sam. Pat walked home in her costume with her boyfriend, Mike Brown. On their way to their homes, the couple was stopped as they walked by Pat's former place of work by a thug. Pat was curious and followed him discovering that he was trying to steal airplane motors and give them to the Axis. The most ironic part of all was this operation was run by the foreman who'd fired her. She stops the evil plot, but the papers misspell her crediting the deed to "Pat Patriot". She continued to both perform on stage and protect America from Nazi saboteurs wearing her stage costume and calling herself Pat Patriot.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Daredevil Comics #2-11

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