Pattycake of Mo
Princess Pattycake lobs a shoe at Prince Timtom - Project Gutenberg eText 16259
Princess Pattycake lobs a shoe at Prince Timtom.

Real Name

Pattycake of Mo

First Appearance

A New Wonderland, Being the First Account Ever Printed of the Beautiful Valley, and the Wonderful Adventures of Its Inhabitants (1899)

Original Publisher

Robert Howard Russell

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Princess Pattycake is by far the most beautiful daughter of the King of Mo. Her deep blue eyes make the sky envious, and the roses blush when they see her cheeks. Her silken hair is like sunbeams, and her ears are like tiny, pink shells from the seashore. Princess Pattycake's only ugly feature was her terrible temper.

One day a young man named Timtom came to the palace and fell in love with Pattycake. He went to the Sorceress Maëtta, who gave him a golden pill to cure Pattycake's temper. Soon afterward, Timtom and the princess were married.

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