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Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan and Babe from National Comics #1

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Paul Bunyan

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Paul Bunyan was a folklore lumberjack and a giant said by some to be 8 feet tall and weigh 600 pounds. Other stories depicted him as being literally as big as a mountain (or bigger). It was said three storks were needed to bring him as a baby to his parents and when he learned to clap and laugh their vibrations broke every window in the house. He was a lumberjack of unusual skill and was aid by his big blue ox, Babe. It is said Paul created the Grand Canyon when he dragged his axe behind him and created Mount Hood by putting out a fire with rocks.

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Cowboy Western Comics #17-29, 31-34, 36-37: An account of Paul Bunyan's legendary adventures as told by a grandfather to his grandson.
  • Tops in Adventure #1 : An account of Paul Bunyan's legendary feats, including his battle with another giant named Oleg the Big Swede and his marriage to the giantess Carrie McIntire. He is depicted as being around 50 feet tall, with a long brown beard.
  • Treasure Comics #1-6, 8-9: An account of Paul Bunyan's legendary adventures. He is depicted as standing around 100 feet tall, with a handlebar mustache. In issue #4, Paul meets a scientist who shrinks him down, so he is only 10 feet tall, but he maintains his superhuman strength on the condition that he uses it to fight evil.
  • Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders (1950 series) #17: Bobby Benson's friend, Windy Wales, tells an unlikely story of spending a few days with Paul Bunyan. Paul is depicted as being well over 100 feet tall and the story takes place in the 20th century.
  • Captain Marvel, Jr. #3, 61: Paul Bunyan meets Captain Marvel Jr.
  • Kid Eternity #1, 8: Paul Bunyan summoned to the 20th century by Kid Eternity.
  • National Comics #1-22: A blond, clean shaven 20th century Paul Bunyan (who is only 10 feet tall) fights the enemies of freedom with help from Babe the Blue Ox.


  • Paul Bunyan seems to be the original inspiration behind Mighty Man.

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