Peg Powler

Real Name

Peg Powler

First Appearance

The Unseen #6 (Sept. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Toth, Mike Peppe


"Beautiful-but deadly! That's Peg Powler. the green haired haunt who lures men to destruction-laughing as they die!"

Walking along the River Tees in England, a passerby hears the cries and sees the head of a drowning woman in the water. He leaps into the water to save her. He sees her up close, a green-haired woman who laughs manically at his woes in the river. A man in a rowboat comes to his rescue, explaining the apparition was Peg Powler, a beutiful woman who killed herself over a man's love. Now hating males, she lures other men into the water to cause their drowning.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Unseen #6

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