Perimeter Patrol

Real Name

Perimeter Patrol

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #6 (Fall 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bernard Krigstein


The Perimeter Patrol is responsible for patrolling the planets on the outer perimeter of our solar system. These planets are literally the "outermost" planets. The Perimeter Patrol is based on the planet, Rondos. Its logo is a backwards letter "P" next to a regular letter "P". In a later story, the backward and forward "P" are replaced with a vertical line surmounted with an oval shape to suggest the joining of the backward and regular "P"s.

Perimeter Patrol Members

Perimeter Patrol Allies

Perimeter Planets

  • Rondos
  • Gykos
  • Malooka
  • Menos
  • Pako
  • Xarpot
  • Rako
  • Zaloo
  • Danar.

Perimeter Patrol Ships


Perimeter Patrol cap


Perimeter Patroll beret

Perimeter Patrol uniforms

The Perimeter Patrol dress uniforms are black, red, and yellow. Mission uniforms is more casual yet maintain the red, black, and yellow color scheme, though the color arrangement differs. The mission uniforms will sometimes be worn with a red cape and a red beret.

A third uniform for exploratory missions on planets is of a rugged, green and yellow construction. Gree short pants and green short sleeved shirts are accent by yellow belts of cloth, yellow backpacks and helmets.


expedition wear


Perimeter Patrol dress uniform


mission uniform

Perimeter Patrol code


Perimeter Patrol salute

Treating planet natives and fellow patrolmen is of great importance. Obedience to orders. If a patrolman gets "space sickness", a type of mental breakdown, he is to be set adrift in a "space lifeboat" to die.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #5-6

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