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Peter Pan

Real Name


First Appearance

The Little White Bird (1902)

Created by

J.M. Barrie


Peter Pan is a boy who ran away from his parents when he was not much more than an infant. He travelled to Never Never Land where he became the leader of the lost boys and developed a close relationship with the fairy, Tinker Bell. Peter filled his days with battling pirates and seeking out new adventures, until one day he lost his shadow. While looking for it, he met Wendy Darling. Peter taught Wendy and her siblings to fly, then took them to Never Never Land with him. Unfortunately, after the Darlings helped Peter defeat his nemesis, Captain Hook, it was time for the Darling children to return to their home, and the lost boys returned with them. Peter returned to Never Never Land with Tinkerbell to pursue further adventures.

Peter was able to fly and appeared to age very slowly, if he aged at all. He was a master swordsman, and knew a great deal about navigating the more dangerous regions of the Never Never Land island. He had the deep love and loyalty of the Lost Boys and many other inhabitants of Never Never Land. However, he refused to grow up, often acting like a naive and impulsive child.

Public Domain Appearances


  • The Little White Bird
  • Peter and Wendy
  • Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens


  • Real Life Comics #44


  • Peter Pan (1924)


  • The Peter Pan play is not in the public domain in England or the United States. Special legislation was passed that gave the play a perpetual copyright. The characters, however, are in the public domain (as are the novels).

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