Public Domain Super Heroes
Peter Plastic

Real Name

Peter Plastic

First Appearance

Forbidden Worlds #48 (November 1956)

Original Publisher

American Comics Group

Created by

Bob Jenney?


Peter Plastic was a super creepy little electronic doll of a boy, standing about 12 inches tall, that gained sentient intelligence in a freak accident.

Peter was developed by Eric Fenn, a brilliant mechanical engineer, and chief of the development laboratories of the Underwodd Educational Toys Corporation, one of the largest toy companies in the world. Their goal had been to develop the most advanced robot doll in history. Inside its body, Peter had plastic molded to mimic human muscle, and more than 312 miles of nano wires. However, the engineers could not figure out a way to power the doll for more than a minute or two, and it was far too expensive to sell as a toy. Eric took peter to his home in Long Island to try to figure out how to make it work, but one night, there was a storm and Peter was struck by lightning. The lightning powered Peter and gave the doll a tremendous reserve of energy.

Now, fully functional, Peter displayed keen intelligence, perfect knowledge of how to speak English and almost no morality. It threatened to become a menace to society unless Fenn created a companion for it to go into exile with. At first, Fenn refused, afraid of the consequences. However, he met Peter's demand after Peter proved to be extremely dangerous and unstoppable.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to its advanced intelligence, Peter Plastic could fly through the air, and discharge enough electricity from its body to melt the steel cables of a bridge. Presumably it felt no pain, and seemed to have no conscience. It was eventually revealed that Peter needed massive doses of electricity every few days in order to recharge, and it was defeated when it tried to absorb too much energy.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Forbiden Worlds #48