Peter Wheat

Real Name

Peter Wheat

First Appearance

The Adventures of Peter Wheat #1 (1948)

Original Publisher

Peter Wheat Bread Company

Created by

Walt Kelly


In 1948, the Peter Wheat Bread Company decided to start publishing a monthly comic book about it's mascot, Peter Wheat. The title lasted 66 issues, however, neither the comic nor the company are around today.

Unlike other advertising characters like Captain Tootsie, Peter Wheat never endorsed his product throughout his stories. He was all-hero, all-the-time and, even though he was only a young child, would get right to business when evil was nearby: punching birds in the face, slicing hamsters with his sword, etc...

He regularly came into conflict with Queen Dragonel of the Hornets.


Public Domain Appearances

  • The Adventures of Peter Wheat #1-66
  • Peter Wheat News #1-61
  • Peter Wheat Coloring Book


  • The cover of the book was also always the first page of the story.

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