The Phantom Knight

Real Name

Phillip, The Prince of Kyle

First Appearance

O.K. Comics #1 (July 1940)

Original Publisher

Worth Carnahan

Created by

Karin O'Dowd & Ray Willner?


Phillip was a powerful but selfish knight, who demonstrated complete spite for others during his life. He participated in the Crusades, and killed many enemies, but then returned to his homeland, where he could concentrate on serving his own interests. One day, while hunting boar, a lightning bolt knocked him off his horse and he was gored to death by a boar. When he found himself at the gates of Heaven, he was told he could not enter until he returned to the earth and committed a good deed to make up for each of his evil deeds. Thus, he returned as The Phantom Knight!

Public Domain Appearances

  • O.K. Comics #1-2
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