Phantom Princess
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Princess Tatanova of Slivonia

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In 1940, the Nazis invaded the fictional European country of Slivonia. Since the Slivonian Royal Family was held in such reverence as to be almost worshipped, the invaders decided to strike a symbolic blow to fill the populace with despair. That blow? Slaying every member of the Royal Family.

The corpse of the 16 year old Princess Tatanova disappeared and soon after, the German occupiers began dying in grotesquely violent ways. Rumors spread that the ghost of the young Princess was avenging herself and the nation on their conquerors.


  • Most sites claim this is a character that debuted in Amazing Mystery Funnies #20 however... that's just not true. The storyline in that issue involved a mysterious team of unseen rebels with neither any "Tatanova" nor any "royal family" ever mentioned! This character has simply grown from online nonsense with no creator known (nor can any creator ever prove the character's creation) so... Use it as you wish! No one can do anything to stop you!
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