The Phantom Raider of the Sky

Real Name


First Appearance

Popular Comics #45 (November, 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Jenney

Golden Age Origin

The Phantom Raider of the Sky was a former World War I flying ace with the rank of lieutenant, who was shot down over Flanders in 1918. This apparently caused him to snap and he spent time in an insane assylum, with no identification, while he was believed dead by the rest of the world. In 1939, the Phantom believed the war was still on, so he shot down civilian planes and then landed and painted a skull and crossbones on the wreckage. His rampage was ended by the Masked Pilot. It is unclear what nation he originally fought for, but he called people "comrade." The Phantom was a highly skilled pilot and excellent hand to hand combatant, said to have the strength of 10 men.

Golden Age Appearances

Popular Comics #45-46 (only mentioned in #47)

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