Phantom Sphinx
Phantom sphinx.jpg

Real Name


First Appearance

Pocket Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Louis Cazeneuve


Amron, an Egyptian general, was placed in a hypnotic trance by his father for 6,000 years until his tomb was discovered by an expedition lead by scientist Dr. Salle. The Red Norton bandits kill most of the expedition and their leader Norton stabs Dr. Salle in the back. However, Norton out of curiosity reads the translation needed to revive Amron. The Egyptian general was instructed by his father's spirit to fight evil, so he rescues an American reporter named Nancy Taylor from the treacherous Norton and takes her to help the wounded Dr. Salle. Afterward, Amron, now known as the Phantom Sphinx, deals out justice to the band of thieves.

Powers and Abilities

His powers included object transformation, species transmutation, making objects appear out of thin air, teleporting, and creating and controlling sandstorms. He also possessed a flying magic carpet which he created using his powers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Pocket Comics #1-4

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