Pierre Le Mort

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #11 (June 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ken Bald


"Death! His name is--Death!" - Annette Whitney

Annette Whitney attracts the attention of a handsome gentleman named Pierre Le Morte. They marry before she comes to the realization that Pierre is actually Death. She sees him collect lives, but think it's a hallucination.

After their wedding, Pierre disappears. Annette looks for Pierre in a Paris hotel. The desk clerk informs her that Le Mort means death in English. realizing Pierre can never touch her because she's his wife. Annette becomes immortal, and her looks remain the same.

An elderly friend of Annette's recognizes her from the days of their youth. Annette tells her old friend of her woeful tale. Pierre won't let Annette die, because she's his wife and he doesn't destroy what he loves.

Powers and abilities

Pierre Le Morte collects the spirits from people when their time has come to die. His touch is the means of collecting them. He can grant immortality and eternal youth by not touching a person. He can appear as a handsome young man or a man with ghastly, skullish features.

Public Domain Appearances

Adventures into the Unknown #11

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