Planet Boy
Yuusei Shonen

Real Name

Yuusei Shonen

First Appearance

Public Domain Superheroes (Sept 2009)

Original Publisher

Public Domain Superheroes

Created by


Yuusei Shonen (A.K.A. Planet Boy) is an open source character created by SimonKirby and released via Public Domain Superheroes. Loosely based on early 60s Japanese cartoons (Astroboy, Gigantor, Prince Planet, etc), Yuusei Shonen follows the story of a young extra-terrestrial warrior defending the Earth from alien menaces.


A vast shadow has fallen over the planet Earth in the 'far-off future' of 2010. The shape-shifting Zygons, one of the most hated species in entire the galaxy, have begun infiltrating human society via its smallest and most defenseless members: young children.

While this secret invasion goes unnoticed by most of humanity, The Supreme Galactic Council has sent its greatest warrior to deal with the Zygon infestation. Armed with the power and technology of a thousand worlds, Yuusei Shonen undertakes the most important mission of his career - to protect an entire planet from the most dangerous creatures in the universe.

His orders are simple: hunt down and exterminate the Zygons before they can breed. Failure is not an option; if the aliens manage to propagate, The Galactic Council will be forced to destroy the entire solar system.

The fate of the Earth is literally in Yuusei's hands - but how can he even hope to succeed against such a devious and dangerous enemy?

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Yuusei Shonen is an open source character specifically created for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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