The Planet Man

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First Appearance

The Planet Man (Radio Show, 1952)

Original Publisher

Palladium Radio Productions

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Dantro, The Planet Man was an agent of the League of Planets who upholds peace and fair play. Like all agents of the League, he is forbidden to resort to violence, except in self defense. However, he is a skilled fighter, and he carries a sidearm at all times. He is a humanoid from Planeris Rex, and he was the first representative of the League to make contact with the humans of earth. He still has much to learn about human customs and sayings. He went on to save the solar system from the evil of Marston of Mars, and later had adventures beyond the solar system.


Dantro commanded at least two spacecraft in his adventures:

  • The Planeteer: A spacecraft that travels at 5000 miles per second, and has deflector shields. The interior is set up like a laboratory.
  • The Alpha: An interstellar spacecraft that has a Solar Drive for travel within a solar system and an Astro Drive for travel between stars. It has weapon turrets and a tractor beam. It is shielded well enough to resist tremendous heat. It can be set to self destruct, taking an entire planet with it.

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