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Plastic Man
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Real Name

“Eel” O'Brian

First Appearance

Police Comics #1 (Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Cole


“Eel” O’Brian was a crook until he was shot by a security guard during a heist and falls into a vat of acid. He manages to stumble his way into a monks’ mountain retreat. The monks heal O'Brian, both in body and mind. When he finishes recuperating, Eel discovers he can stretch and form his body into almost anything. He decides to uses his new super powers to fight crime assisted by his friend Woozy Winks who also was an ex-con. First Plastic Man works with the Mammoth City police on the condition that he bring Eel O'Brien to justice. Later Plas and Woozy work for the FBI.

Plastic Man once teamed-up with fellow hero Kid Eternity along with King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake to save the legendary sword Excalibur.

His enemies included Amorpho, The Black Widow, Concrete, The Crab, Dr. Phobia, Dr. Volt, Eaglebeak, Electra, The Figure, Gargantua,the Granite Lady,The Grasshopper, The Hood, Horseface, Hot Rod, Jets, The King of Zing, Kra Vashnu, The Lava Man, The Lobster, Madame Serpina, Madame Brawn, The Mangler, The Mask, Mr. Aqua, Mr. Green, Mr. Morbid, Mr. Uglee, Penetro, Professor Spindrift, The Purple Viking, The Riverman, Sadly-Sadly, Spadehead, The Sphinx, Stretcho, The Thinker, Thrilla, Yes-Man and many, many others.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Hit Comics #32
  • Police Comics #1-102
  • Plastic Man #1-28
  • Plastic Man (1963 series) #11, 16, 18

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