The Porcupine

Real Name


First Appearance

Crack Comics #52 (January, 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Reed Crandall


The Porcupine was once a small time criminal, considered dumb by many of the people who knew him. Other criminals began giving him shock treatments for their own amusement, but eventually the porcupine became immune to the effects of electricity. He continued to build up his own tolerance until he could withstand the electricity delivered by the electric chair. He began wearing a green coat that fed electricity into his body constantly. Because this made his hair and eyebrows stand on end, other criminals began to call him The Porcupine. After being released from prison, he went on a crime spree, but was stopped by Captain Triumph.

The Porcupine was completely immune to electrical shock and wore a jacket that fed his body with electricity. This electricity granted the Porcupine superhuman strength (sufficient to bust through a bank vault door and a brick wall). He could also use it to charge the quills on his jacket with sufficient energy to knock a victim unconscious, or kill them instantly. He was an expert at throwing the quills with great force. Deprived of his jacket, he quickly lost his strength.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crack Comics #52

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