President Khlōros

Real Name

Philip 'Phil' Khlōros

First Appearance

PDSH Wikia, 2016

Created By

J.Z. Gartner


Originally a small Venus flytrap being sold among many others at a local farmer's market, the being that would become President Khlōros was purchased by an ambitious but hardhearted biologist who sought to validate his claims of creating homunculous-like creatures from basic organic matter. Using the Venus flytrap, his own DNA, and the process he obsessed over, the biologist created Khlōros to do his bidding. At first, the newly created plant-humanoid was slow and brutish, following the commands of it's less than patient 'father' tentatively and none too gracefully. The biologist slowly revealed his true ambitions to the dull plant, explaining how he would create a new nation filled with creatures born from the results Khlōros' produced, and soon they would be the dominant species on the planet. What went unspoken was that he was also planning to dispose of his initial project when he gleaned all he could from the it. Unbeknownst to the biologist, the plant was slowly gaining a sense of autonomy, becoming more curious about the world it was brought into but could never see or touch.

This came to a head on the fateful night where the scientist sought to terminate his creation, instead of blindly following the orders that would have destroyed him, Khlōros struggled and resisted, killing his creator unintentionally. Unbound from the will of a crazed master, the plant-man found himself with the resources the biologist had once wanted to use to lash out at the world with, Khlōros held no such feelings of malice however. So, instead, he would use the biologist's resources in the pursuit of reaching out to the world. He would create a new nation as planned, but not one where oddities and creatures like himself were seen as better or worse than others, but the same as anyone else.

The path ahead for the plant would be long and perilous. Would he be seen as hero or villain? Would his empathy be enough for the world to accept or would the shadows it produces slowly erode his heart like his creator's own?


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