Professor Bixby
Professor bixby

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Four Favorites #17 (1945)

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Golden Age Origin

Professor Bixby was an Mayan culture expert who had used his knowledge to create and lead a cult. He convinced his South American followers that he was the descendant of the Mayan sun god,Kinich Ahau. The cult performed human sacrifices by stabbing young women on an altar in a cavern under his home.

Lash Lightning and Lightning Girl stumble upon his cult while they are on the outskirts of town and discover the body of a dead girl.The Professor invites the two inside his home and after secretly drugging them he has Lightning tied to a chair and tries to sacrifice Isobel Blake.Blake momentarily wakes and displays her lightning power but is too weak to escape, believing Lightning Girl the true descendant of the sun god because of her powers his cult turned on him. Subduing his own followers he continues the sacrifice but Lightning wakes and defeats him saving Isobel.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Four Favorites #17

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