The Psychic Doctor

Real Name

Dr. John Silence

First Appearance

A Psychical Invasion (1908)

Original Publisher

Created by

Algernon Blackwood


Dr. Silence was medical doctor turned occult detective. Independently wealthy due to inheritance, he chose to practice medicine on those who could not pay. Once his clinic was up and running, his presence was not always required, so he spent his time investigating psychic and occult mysteries. He spent five years putting himself through “long and severe training, at once physical, mental and spiritual.” From this, he acquired some abilities of his own, including the ability to protect himself from paranormal attacks. He is more than 40 years old, thin, with brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard. Though regarded as an eccentric, he was confident, with great determination and strength of purpose. He battled astral werewolves, fire elementals, and other fiends.

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