Real Name

Joe Parker

First Appearance

November 4, 2011

Created by

Vito Delsante


Joe Parker has a condition; his heart is too big. Growing up, it was a real problem. He was taken to hospital after hospital, but it’s not like there’s a cure for this. As he got older, and his body started to grow, the heart didn’t increase in size… but it was still three times larger than a normal human heart. And then came the stroke. While crossing the street one day, Joe fell to his knees, clutching at his chest. The truck didn’t see him and it would have hit him, until…

Joe held up his hand. His big heart beat, and the pulse in his hand (wrist) emitted tremendous vibrations, slowing, and eventually stopping, the truck down. His greatest hindrance is now his greatest weapon. When Joe increases his heart rate, he can emit powerful vibrations. He puts on a costume and calls himself Pulse, an adrenaline junkie-hero. But what Joe doesn’t know is that the strain on his heart will eventually kill him.


  • Pulse is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish however, you must give the creator, Vito Delsante, credit.
  • In 2011, comic book writer Vito Delsante chose to create 30 new characters, 23 of which, he voluntarily released into the public domain in early 2014. Pulse was #4.
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