Pussy Katnip
Pussy katnip

Real Name

Pussy Katnip

First Appearance

Green Mask #3 (January, 1940)

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In a world of humanoid animals, Pussy Katnip was a hat-check girl and sometimes torch singer at the Kit Kat Night Club.

However, when she “smells trouble” or danger, Pussy found some privacy and took a swig, either from the hip flask she often carried or from a bottle hidden in her apartment or at the club, of a substance she had invented which she called “Fizz” or “Katnip Fizz.” For a short time, it boosted both her natural agility and strength to super levels, while at the same time raising her “trouble sense” to full blown clairvoyance, letting her tell when “mugs” much bigger than her were about to take a swing at her, as well as other psychic abilities.

Thus, she kept her world both safe from evil-doers and entertained.

Golden Age Appearances

  • All-Good Comics #1
  • All-Great Comics #2
  • All Your Comics #3
  • The Book of Comics #4
  • Book of All-Comics #5
  • Everybody's Comics #6
  • Green Mask #3, 11, 13
  • Ribtickler #0-2, 5
  • Rocket Kelly #2
  • Zoot Comics #1-4

Pussy drinking her "Katnip Fizz!"


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