The Radio King

Real Name

Bradley Lane

First Appearance

The Radio King (in Radio News, 1922)

Original Publisher

Created by

Robert Dillon


Brad Lane was a brilliant and muscle bound inventor and detective who used radios and radio technology to fight crime. His weapons included bugs, microphones, wiretaps, and other technology that was virtually unheard of at the time. He also built an android duplicate of himself to fool a would-be assassin.

He stopped the Communist Russian agent Marnee in his attempt to use the "Master Wave" weapon to shut down all communications and electronics across the globe!


  • The Radio King is a 1922 American adventure film serial directed by Robert F. Hill and released by the Universal Film Manufacturing Co. The ten chapters began with "A Cry for Help" released October 22, 1922.
  • The 1922 film starred Roy Stewart who was also the first actor to play Yorke Norroy, Diplomatic Agent in the Further Adventures of Yorke Norroy (an adaptation of a story written by George Bronson-Howard who novelized The Radio King.)
  • The novelization of this story was actually an adaptation of the screenplay.
  • Progressive Silent Film List entry on Radio King.
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