Public Domain Super Heroes
Raggedy Andy

Real Name

Raggedy Andy

First Appearance

Raggedy Andy Stories (book, 1920)

Original Publisher

Simon & Schuster

Created by

Johnny Gruelle


Raggedy Andy was the little brother of Raggedy Ann. He was first introduced in the sequel to the 1918 book, Raggedy Ann Stories, titled, Raggedy Andy Stories, published in 1920. Both Andy and his sister were ragdolls with curly red yarn for hair and hand drawn faces. They sometimes came to life when their mistress, Marcella, was away. For other children, they sometimes came to life in front of them, through the power of imagination. They are generally depicted as being loving and innocent, experiencing peaceful adventures in rural settings and with other dolls and toys, such as tin soldiers and Henry, the Dutch doll. Raggedy Andy is an adventurous boy and had his face repaired by Santa Claus when it was stained.

Public Domain Book Appearances

  • Raggedy Andy Stories (1920)
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees (1924)
  • Raggedy Andy's Number Book (1924)


  • Simon & Schuster own the trademark on the character's name.

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