Raja the Arabian Knight

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Big Shot Comics #21 (January 1942)

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"Prince of Araby....swordsman, crack-shot, acrobat...a fearless adventurer whose strength and skill are dedicated to helping his troubled fellowman...such is Raja...The Arabian Knight."

Raja studied in the schools of both the east and the west, and he was dubbed "The Arabian Knight" by American sports writers who saw his prowess as a college football player. After college, he returned to the east where he fought in countless border wars, and gained a reputation as a courageous leader. Then, he returned to the United States where he used his skills and resources to battle crime.

Raja was a highly skilled martial artist, and his sidekick was American professional boxer "Punchy" Morgan. Raja had apparently acquired great wealth over the years, as he owned a beautiful white stallion (which he was very adept at riding), and an Arabian style palace in America. To ambush his enemies, he used a grappling hook to scale the buildings that they hid in.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Big Shot Comics #21-25


Although this characters is specifically Arabian, the name Raja is actually an Indian word meaning "king."

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