Ralph 124c 41 +

Real Name

Ralph 124c 41 +

First Appearance

Ralph 124c 41 + A Romance of the Year 2660 (in Modern Electrics, April, 1911)

Original Publisher

Modern Electrics Publications

Created by

Hugo Gernsback


Ralph 124c 41 + is a prolific inventor in the year 2660, and he is one of the 10 greatest minds on earth in his time (these ten are the only people allowed to use the "+" symbol after their name). Ralph uses his inventions to save his girl, Alice 212B 423 of Ventalp, Switzerland, from various dangers. He also gives chase across the solar system, when Alice is kidnapped by Fernand 60O 10 and the giant Martian, Llysanorh. Alice is killed in the shootout with Llysanorh, but Ralph uses his technology to revive her.


  • The name 124c 41 + actually means, "one to foresee for many."
  • Ralph 124c 41 + is almost certain the inspiration for Marvo 1.2 Go+ who appeared in Superworld Comics, edited by Gernsback. Marvo appears to exist in the same future reality as Ralph, though Marvo's stories are set 20 years later.
  • Ralph is one of the first American serial sci-fi heroes, anticipating heroes such as Flash Gordon.

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