Rangers of Freedom
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Real Name

Percy Cabot, Biff Barkley, and Tex Russell

First Appearance

Rangers Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Joe Doolin


The Rangers of Freedom were "Biff" Barkley, "Tex" Russell and Peter Cabot, three young men who were recruited by the FBI because their physical and mental fortitude made them "the best specimens of American youth." They donned patriotically themed bulletproof costumes, but they had no secret identities. Together with Ranger Girl they fought villainous Nazis and Japanese forces led by the Super-Brain and the Black Dragon Society. Though they had no powers, the Rangers were good fighters.

In Ranger Comics #5, Biff, Tex, and Peter were sent to help a U.S. Rangers unit led by Captain Morgan, which was trapped after the American base on Malay peninsula fell to the Japanese invasion. They traded their costumes for regular ranger uniforms and joined Captain Morgan's unit but, when they were captured by the Japanese forces, Barkley and Cabot were used for bayonette practice and died. Russell survived and continued to serve under Captain Morgan.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rangers Comics #1-5


  • Captain Morgan's team was referred to as the "Rangers of Freedom" until Rangers Comics #7, when they became known as the U.S. Rangers.
  • The identities of the murdered Rangers of Freedom is a conjecture. None of the Rangers that appeared in Ranger Comics #5 were identified by name, but Tex is the only one of those whose hair color was anywhere close to that of the surviving Ranger's.

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