Rapid Fox

Real Name

Rapid Fox

First Appearance

Space Western #44 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Queen Thula of Mars is discussing the forest of petrified trees with Spurs Jackson, Strong Bow, and Rapid Fox, a member of Strong Bow's tribe of Pueblo-dwelling Mayans. When Spurs takes the rocket to return Thula to Mars, Strong Bow discards a thuvia flower Thula said would grow in the desert, as Strong Bow doesn't believe her.

The thuvia flower grows quickly into a strong, verdant thuvia tree. Some of the petrified trees are actually Stone Men From Space, which subsequently return to life. The Stone Men chase Strong Bow and Rapid Fox. Strong Bow's arrows and rifle have no effect on the creatures, nor does Rapid Fox's thrown knife. The Stone Men capture the pair and tie them to the thuvia tree with a rope.

Strong Bow and Rapid Fox escape, cutting the thuvia branches to take for arrows. Strong Bow uses the radio to call the army base, saying only an A-bomb will stop the Stone Men. The army says they must wait an hour for the A-bomb to arrive. Rapid Fire and Strong Bow fire the thuvia branches. The branches rapidly grow into a forest of thuvia trees, penning in the Stone Men. Spurs returns with Thula and the rocket, dropping the A-bomb on the Stone Men. The Stone Men are once more petrified, and gathered into a military transport truck.

Public Domain Appearances

Space Western #44

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