The Rattler

Real Name

Robert "Pig Pan" Wood

First Appearance

Zip Comics #11 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair and Charles Biro

Golden Age Origin

Pig Pan Wood was an escapee from Alcatraz who was wrongly declared dead when Twisto the Rubberman was shot while disguised as Pig Pan. To continue his crimes uninhibited, he took on a new identity, the Rattler.

However during the his first heist, Rattler encounters Inferno and Steel Sterling after he had killed the guard using his poison syringes. Rattler then attacked Steel and Inferno comes to his partner's aid. Unfortunately, Inferno was poisoned, but Steel rushes him to get medical help. Rattler then steals fur coats and then kills his henchmen with his snake venom.

His next crime was to tunnel under the federal reserve, but Inferno and Steel knock him cold and turn him into the authorities.

Powers and Abilities

Rattler had no powers but, carried twin syringes filled with snake venom and had steel plating underneath his costume to bulletproof it.


  • While he is shown breathing fire and having an executioner minion on the covers of Zip #13, 14, and 18, the Rattler neither displays this ability in the comics nor has a personal executioner.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Zip Comics #10-14, 18 (13-14, 18 cover only)
  • Blue Ribbon Comics #13

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